IN STORES NOWStreaming Version:01. Viimeinen Valo
02. Viitta
03. Vanki
04. Hopean Luola
CD Version:01. Viimeinen Valo
02. Viitta
03. Vanki
04. Hopean Luola
05. Ovet (Bonus Track)
06. Fakiiri (Bonus Track)
07. Seitsemän (Bonus Track)
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The Kaira Collective

Panu Siik - GuitarsJasse Jatala - VocalsSami Lönnberg - DrumsKimmo Brandt - GuitarsMarkus Räipiö - Bass

Kaira is a 5-piece Finnish progressive music group from Helsinki, Finland. The band formed in 2020 from a collection of experienced musicians, composers and lyricists.Kaira's unique brand of music fuses hard-hitting distorted and ambient guitars with atmospheric and mesmerising breakdowns that will make you want to float away into the beautiful darkness of their music.
- We are Kaira -
Kaira is:
Jasse Jatala - Vocals & Lyrics
Kimmo Brandt - Guitars
Markus Räipiö - Bass & Backing Vocals
Panu Siik - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Sami Lönnberg - Drums

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"Melodic and progressive, doomy Death Metal with fine guitar riffs and impressive growls. Friends of Finnish metal can't really go wrong here. I find this still quite new band very promising and am curious to see what else is to come."
-- Elased --

"Dreamy and stunning Finnish progressive doom-death. The band brings a slow and decisive beauty to this EP. Melancholic and absolutely stunning atmosphere, you can't get much better than this! The vocals are a doom metal lover's dream, as are the instruments! The EP is heavy, yet perfectly slow. Cleans break through with beautifully deep bass work. Enjoy this mouth watering taste of what this band will hopefully bring (I certainly hope so) to an upcoming album!"
-- Funeral Fog --

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